Animals hust like humans, can suffer from back, neck and muscular aches and pains. This can lead to stiffness, lack of performance and even behavioural changes.

McTimoney manipulation is a holistic form of physical therapy that works to rebalance the musculoskeletal system which in turn restores nerve function resulting in increased health, movement and performance. When combined with sports massage and various other holitstic therapies a powerful yet gentle series of treatments can aid the horses performance and general well being.

Even if the animal has not been injured regular treatment will result in a more supple rideable horse that is a pleasure to train.  If the inevitable does happen and injury occurs, the horse is in a healthier state enabling recovery time to shorten.

It is vital that any form of treatment takes place alongside regular farriery visits to maintain correct foot balance.  Incorrect foot balance can have a knock on effect on the musculoskeletal system.  Likewise regular dentistry appointments will enable the horse to masticate evenly placing less stress on the joints of the head and neck.  A qualified saddler must be sought to check the fit of your horses saddle on a minimal yearly basis.  Uneven flocking and changes in musculature can have serious consequences for your horses health. 

Far better to have these areas checked reguarly and pay a little,  than to leave it and have an expensive bill to sort out the problem and the knock on effects!!   And just think how much happier and healthier your best friend will be, trust me he'll thank-you for it. 

And finally, educate yourself so in the future you are aware of a problem before it becomes an issue.  Learn what is normal for your horse (physically and mentally),  have someone lead your horse up for you so you know how he moves when all is well.  If this is not possible lunge your horse once a week so you can see how he moves, and any irregulaities in his gait can be detected earlier.  Feel his body for lumps, bumps and areas of tension.