Various therapies are combined depending on the animals specific history and present condition to enable the best possible treatment to take place.

McTimoney animal manipulation - is a gentle form of manual manipulation that works to rebalance the animals entire musculoskeletal system; not just the back! The aim is to maintain the alignment of the spine and various other joints, which through wear and tear, accidents and work can become less mobile.  The muscles around the joints can tighten and need help in order to regain the range of motion previously achieved. 

John McTimoney developed his approach in the 1950's , modyfying his human technique to apply specifically to animals.  Today the McTimoney Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Manipulation run by the McTimoney College of Chiropractic is the only externally, university validated course teaching adjusting techniques for animals.

Equine Sports Massge - concentrates on those muscles that are unable to return to their normal state.  That is where injury or overuse has caused the muscles to become tightened or spasm.  Various techniques inclusding stress point therapy where localised areas of muscle fibres are concentrated on will enable the muscles to relax.  This inturn increases blood flow and range of motion which in turm increases stamina.   

Myofascial Release - is a form of massage that works on the connective tissue of the body; fascia.  This forms a 3 - D web like structure that surrounds all the systems and organs of the body.  Just like muscles fascia can become restricted and damaged through injury, fatigue and stress.  By using specific hands on techniques and allowing the body to dictate where healing can take place the fascia is allowed to unwind and regain its web like structure. 

Range of Motion & Passive stretching exercises - are used where necessary after a massage has been performed to gently increase the range of motion of various muscles and joints.  All four limbs as well as the body and neck can be gently encouraged to stretch and elongate

Equissage - is a well known massage machine that uses deep vibrations which affect the whole body.  Most horse find this very relaxing.

The Port Lewis impression pad - is a saddle pad that can be used as an indicator of poor saddle fit.  When rider balance and posture along with the horses straightness and muscle symmetry are

All theraputic techniques require the permission of your veterinary surgeon before a treatment can take place.